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2013 Resilience Conference

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 Current gap in literature

This inter- and multi-disciplinary conference on resilience will examine and explore issues relating to individual, community and national resilience, in terms of practice, theory and research. Literature review indicates four salient equivocal issues: (a) The study of resilience is not unified as individual, community and social/national resiliency;  (b) Tools measuring individual resilience have been validated more often whereas the validity of measures of community and national resilience have not been  substantiated; (c) Most research on resilience focuses on one of its aspects without examining possible associations between them; and (d) there is a lack of consensual definitions of social or public resilience. These are the impetus for the upcoming conference.



The new Multidisciplinary Resiliency Research Center (Tel-Hai College and The Community Stress Prevention Center) invites you to submit papers for a conference that will focus on individual, community and national resilience and their interrelations. The main objective of this conference is to bring together researchers from various areas of expertise (e.g. psychology, social work, economics, education, security, philosophy, policy making, gender studies and other areas), to exchange ideas, create a platform for further research and ascertain the various aspects of resiliency, their possible interconnections and measurements.


Conference Issues

The conference will deal with the following issues:

  • Resilience – concepts and their meaning.
  • The measurement of individual, community and national resilience.
  • The interconnections between the various aspects of resilience.
  • Preparedness and its impact on individual and community resilience
  • Community Resilience
  • Family resilience
  • Economy /leadership and resilience
  • Resilience Enhancment.

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Be our guest

The conference will include keynote speakers, poster presentations, paper presentations in parallel sessions & roundtable sessions. The conference will take place at Tel Hai College in January 6-7th 2013.

Conference Registration Fees





Normal Registration


Conference + Gala Event

120 NIS

150 NIS


Conference + Closing Event

120 NIS

150 NIS

Registration fees include:
  • Entrence and participation in all sessions
  • Snack & Coffee Breaks
  • Lunch
  • Participation in Gala evening on Sunday January 6th
  • Conference personal Kit  
Fees do not include accommodation. For more information, please visit

Conference language is both HEBREW and ENGLISH.

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